Nos Activités sur l’Ubaye

Rafting, Hydrospeed, Canoë Kayak sur plusieurs parcours entre Barcelonnette et Le Lauzet-Ubaye



Le rafting ou raft est une embarcation gonflable permettant d’emmener de 4 à 7 personnes sur des rivières sportives comme l’Ubaye. C’est l’idéal pour découvrir les activités d’eau vive.

Chaque équipier du raft manie sa pagaie sous les consignes d’un guide afin de permettre au rafting de descendre les rapides de l’Ubaye.

Nous proposons plusieurs parcours différents, du baby-raft à partir de 4 ans au rafting extrême pour les sportifs.


Un corps à corps avec l’Ubaye équipé d’une combinaison, d’un flotteur et de palmes.


Immediately after you anchor your boat in a haven, after having a joyful ride, there comes time for the good old maintenance. With decades of professional experience in renting, repairing and transporting just all kinds of yachts and boats under our belt – we can assure you that we are your best choice!


On par with providing an amazing range of rentals on boats and yachts of all sizes and comfort levels, we will also gladly pick up on providing all kinds of maintenance and checkup, repair services for your boat on a regular basis. With decades of professional experience in all these services and hundreds of clients – we know how to do it right!


Yacht Transportation

Whenever any of our clients wants to try some brand new sailing destination or make his or her place of residence move to another water area – there comes the issue of logistics. Rest assured, that with years upon years of experience at hand and hundreds of clients ordering this particular services, we will do the job of transporting your yacht the right way!

Corporate Events

As far as our list of clients goes, a vast majority of those are private, hobbyist (and sometimes professional or retired professional) yachtsmen and women, or racers. However, when it comes to organizing a corporate yacht charter of a Fortune 500 scale for a big crew of people – we will be able to make it flawless!


Yacht rentals for people who love sailing across the seas…

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