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The pleasure of autonomy on the Ubaye

The Canoe – Kayak is the best boat for going down a river. The profile of Ubaye makes it demanding for traditional canoe-kayak practitioners and rental is prohibited there. This is why Rock n’ Raft offers you inflatable kayaks (airboat) and canoes (hotdog) specially designed to tackle the Ubaye rapids. A qualified instructor accompanies the group to advise you and ensure your safety.

Descend the Ubaye solo or in pairs

Our inflatable kayaks and canoes are very stable and maneuverable boats. If you have already used a double paddle, whether at sea, lake or river, then the Ubaye awaits you for exceptional sensations. If it’s your first time, come learn with Rock n’ Raft!

Unlike Rafting, the guide, although present to show you the trajectories and assist you if necessary, is not directly on the boat. It is then a matter of you steering (or trying to!) your boat and choosing (or suffering!) your trajectories.

Ubaye Kayak and Canoe courses

We offer several different routes on the Ubaye depending on your experience and the water level at a single rate of €50 per person.

The paths

Ideal for discovering the activity or in heavy water!

The Rioclar

Departure: Les Thuiles
Arrival: Méolans-Revel
Distance: 4km
Duration: 2h30
Difficulty: Class 2-3
Sportiness: Average
Minimum age: 10 years
Price: 50 €

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The best part, thrills guaranteed!

The Classic

Departure: Nature Eau Vive
Arrival: Le Lauzet-Ubaye
Distance: 6 km
Duration: 3h
Difficulty: Class 2-3-4
Sportiness: Sporty
Minimum age: 13 years
Price: 50 €

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Reserved for sporty and experienced practitioners!

The Infrans

Departure: Méolans-Revel
Arrival: Le Martinet
Distance: 4km
Duration: 3h
Difficulty: Class 4-5
Sportiness: Very sporty
Minimum age: 16 years
Price: 50 €

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Minimum age and routes can be modified depending on the water level of the Ubaye River on the day of your activity

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