Rock n Raft

Rafting et Sports d’eau vive sur la rivière Ubaye au cœur des alpes de haute provence

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Rafting, Hydrospeed, Canoe et Kayak

Découvrez l’Ubaye sous toutes ses formes…


Corporate Yacht Chartering

As far as our list of clients goes, a vast majority of those are private, hobbyist (and sometimes professional or retired professional) yachtsmen and women, or racers. However, when it comes to organizing a corporate yacht charter of a Fortune 500 scale for a big crew of people – we will be able to make it flawless!

La passion du Rafting

Rock n’ Raft vous accueille sur sa base au bord de l’Ubaye de la fermeture de Pra Loup à l’automne. En Rafting, hydrospeed ou canoë-kayak, venez découvrir les sports d’eau vive sur une des plus belles rivières de France : l’Ubaye.

Nichée au bord de l’ubaye, à quelques kilomètres de barcelonnette, c’est sur une base accueillante que notre équipe et nos guides vous attendent pour vous faire vivre un moment inoubliable. Puis l’adrénaline montera rapidement : en raft, hydrospeed, canoë ou kayak, vous ferez le plein de sensations et de souvenirs.

L’Ubaye est une des dernières rivières alpines à conserver un régime entièrement naturel. Il n’y a aucun barrage sur son cours et la naviguation y est possible tout les jours, contrairement au verdon. Ainsi quelle que soit la saison il y en a pour tous les goûts, du débutant au sportif aventureux…

Yacht Charters, Repairs

& Transportation, US-wide!


Yacht Rentals

With more than two hundred yacht and boat models on our fleet and both the East and the West coasts covered, we are able to offer you the best yacht chartering options.

Yacht Repair

With decades of professional experience in renting, repairing and transporting just all kinds of yachts and boats under our belt – we can assure you that we are your best choice!


On par with providing an amazing range of rentals on boats and yachts of all sizes and comfort levels, we will also gladly pick up on providing all kinds of maintenance…

Yacht Upgrades

As far as any personally-owned vehicles are concerned, whether we are talking about cars with four wheels, bikes with two wheels or yachts with no wheels, owners do…


Whenever any of our clients wants to try some brand new sailing destination or make his or her place of residence move to another water area – there comes the issue of logistics.

Corporate Events

When it comes to organizing a corporate yacht charter of a Fortune 500 scale for a big crew of people – we will be able to make it flawless.We will exceed your expectations!

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Explore some of the most beautiful regions of the world. Make your dreams come true and join the Yachtec World Rally 2017-19.


As a yacht owner, after either of my regular maintenance checkups, I oftentimes find it necessary to do this or that kind of a repair. The thing is that I don’t always have enough time (or sometimes the skill), to do all of the repairs all by myself…

Albert Winning

Having had a real handful of favorite pastimes over the course of my whole adult life, sailing was always front and center in such a list. So, when I found out about this yachts chartering service located just a few miles near my home, I was thrilled!

Reginald Stanhow

I am an event manager who works for one of the Fortune 500 US-based companies. From time to time, we throw some awesome corporate, large-scale corporate events, as a gesture of appreciation to our employees. Yacht chartering is one of those!

Mary Adwetto